It is so very important that you keep things on your site up to date. That means, themes, plugins, security measures…whatever you have in your system, keep it up to date. Every day new hacks and viruses are being made to target out of date products. Take this one for instance…

Our research team found a very serious vulnerability in the MailPoet Plugin for WordPress that allows an attacker to upload files remotely to websites running the plugin that have not updated to VERSION 2.6.7, which was released a few hours ago (July 1, 2014).In order to secure your website if you’re using the MailPoet Plugin (and over 1.7 million sites are), make sure to update the plugin immediately. If your website scans show an infection, be sure to quickly open a malware removal ticket so that we can help.

This is just another example of our research team actively searching for vulnerabilities that could affect your website security. If you’re worried about the ever-increasing rate of vulnerabilities in plugins, then try protecting your website behind our website firewall, CloudProxy, for free for a month and we’ll be able to proactively block these threats and protect your website from negative consequences. To take advantage of a free month of CloudProxy, just email us at

Learn more about today’s MailPoet disclosure here:

If you don’t know how to keep things on your site up to date and want to find a great service to take care of it for you, I will suggest New Blog Hosting. David is an excellent host and his customer service is bar none!This is just one in a hundred that I see on a daily basis. We can’t always stop the hackers…as any of you know who were hacked by the Heartbleed hack recently. But if we each keep our sites up to date, then we have a greater chance of keeping hackers out.