Today, many sites worldwide got hit by a Russian/Syrian hack. This hack seems to have changed user names and passwords on sites that I dealt with but may have done other damage as well to others. It’s an ugly thing that happens sometimes. As a result we are beefing up security yet again, resetting passwords to make them more difficult, and trying our best to fix any issues we can find. Please do the same for your sites. Make sure that you have a Fort Knox type password that’s difficult to get and security on your site such as Wordfence Security and Google Authenticator. These things help ward against attacks, but as I found today, are not fool proof. Hacks happen, to the best of us, and we have to keep working to find better solutions daily. As I find them on my end, I will share them with you; after all, isn’t that what we should do?

Oh, and on another note, I wanted to tell you why I love my hosting company. They are great at making sure we are taken care of in the event that something happens. Check out today’s email from them.